Acting Classes

This November, we will begin running acting classes for children aged four to twelve. The course will run for 5 weeks (one hour once a week on your chosen day/time) and culminate in a showcase performance at the Doncaster Playhouse on the weekend of December 14, so friends and family can see what we’ve been working towards.


These classes are set up to be a fun and challenging introduction to acting (and a bit of singing) with a focus on the kind of performance we do at Playhouse Pantomimes. Classes will feature a mixture of performance rehearsal, skill building and games. Classes will take place the MC Square Community Centre (the big building right next to the Doncaster Playhouse).



Week One: Getting to know one another, creating a safe, fun, team environment, drama games

Weeks Two to Four: Drama games/warm-ups, begin learning script, with a key skill focus each week, work on learning a song, developing understanding of rhythm, pitch, and performance, end class with a drama game.


Week Five: Rehearsal of final performance, performance of the work to other classes


Day of Performance (date/time TBC at first class): Warm-ups, final full run through of performance, performance!


The course cost is $400, and you can book your child in at the link in the big orange box below. Click on your child’s age bracket, and choose your preferred day/time. If you have any questions regarding the content of the class, a payment plan or anything else, please contact us at

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Doncaster, Victoria, Australia

Doncaster, Victoria, Australia